Graybeard, the Human Pez Dispenser

4 years ago

Our adventurers are all set for shelter, food, and medical supplies. As flaming zombles start pouring into the small Canadian town, our "heroes" take care of them the only way they know how: recklessly. How does Graybeard become a novelty candy dispenser? Will Sick Rimes bust out into Shakespearean rap? How will the Reverend manage to betray his faith this time? Find out in this week's episode!

Heard in this episode

  • AJ (Dungeon Master)
  • Matt (Rev. W. E. Whig)
  • Doug (Graybeard)
  • Brendan (Sick Rimes)

Audio in this episode

  • walkie talkie noise - Robinhood76
  • TV-Channel-Change - CPT Destroyer
  • Freestyle Beatbox - DistinctVagueness
  • Scratch Speed - Raccoonanimator
  • Gunshot - DodoDuck
  • Zombie Banging At Door - ryanconway
  • Splat 005 - yottasounds

"Black Vortex", "Evening of Chaos", "Not As It Seems"
Kevin MacLeod (
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