Trinks and Drinks

Everyone basically gets just absolutely fleeced.

3 years ago

There are no words for this episode. Our heroes made it about two miles and spend all their money.

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Heard in this episode

  • Matt (DM)
  • AJ (D'Ani Ventan)
  • Bren (Ku-Ruk Lademan)
  • Doug (Laryn Gitis)
  • Cory (Shopkeep 1)
  • Amanda (Shopkeep 2)


Artwork by Ian McAfee

Recap produced by Laryn

Theme music composed and assembled by Josh Stitt

"George Street Shuffle", "Intrepid" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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What are some other ways we could have made even less progress in the story?

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