Roll for Vomit

4 years ago

The ABTD adventurers deplane and encounter a disturbing scene unfolding at the Churchill airport. They brace themselves against disaster and head south to the small town of Gillam. Find out how they get there and if they ever form a party!

Heard in this episode

  • AJ (Dungeon Master)
  • Matt (Rev. W. E. Whig)
  • Doug (Graybeard)
  • Dubs (Tyler Drexton)
  • Brendan (Sick Rimes)

Audio in this episode

  • Woosh Noise - potentjello
  • Pumpkin Guts Fall - MWLANDI

"Black Vortex", "Evening of Chaos", "Not As It Seems", "Oppressive Gloom"
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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